Adding Value to Training Materials

A key piece of training content development lies in the added value you as a subject-matter expert can contribute. As an expert in your area, your scope of knowledge does not just pertain to the OMNI process itself, but rather in the all surrounding aspects of that task. In order for others to gain full understanding of a specific process, trainees need to grasp this task in relation to the "whole picture."

As a content developer, your goal is not only to create easy to follow, step-by-step documentation of OMNI processes, but also to impart your global knowledge to others. The following suggestions are ways you, as a subject-matter expert, can create this "whole picture" image for fellow faculty and staff here at FSU.


Top Ways to Add Value to Your Training Material:

  • Include a detailed "Overview" section, explaining when and why an employee may need to complete this task within live OMNI.
  • Include all relevant materials (i.e. documents, websites, links to parature, etx.)
  • Add additional materials in a way in which users can easily extract these attachments.
  • Draw attention and state the purpose/importance of attachments.
  • Include as much business process as possible.
  • Take time to carefully edit and re-edit content.
  • Get an inexperienced user to "try out" your content onced edited.
  • Be open to suggestions from others to enrich your content.
  • Don't assume users know anything! Do not use acronymns without explanation.
  • Do not make reference to other areas or aspects of training without explanation.