OMNI Survey Results

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First, we want to express our appreciation to all of you who took a few minutes out of your busy day to respond to the OMNI survey in January. We had a strong 41% response rate with almost 600 staff and faculty members completing the online questionnaire.


The results have now been tabulated and analyzed by the Office of Audit Services. Overall, the feedback clearly illustrated that OMNI has been successful in enhancing desktop access to crucial information as well as integrating most of the University’s administration systems into one productive online tool. “Information at my fingertips,” was one respondent’s answer when asked ‘what do you like most about the OMNI system.’ As one would expect, when implementing such a dynamic system as OMNI, there were a few areas noted where potential streamlining would improve the system’s efficiency. In particular, the data revealed that we need to focus our attention on developing a more user-friendly recruiting module. Above is a brief summary for your quick review and detailed survey results including comments.


What do we do from here? Our first step is to formulate an action plan and set priorities based on the informative feedback we received via the survey. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Council, which has a diverse representation from across campus, along with the ERP staff and the functional home teams will review your comments then develop a strategy to incorporate them into OMNI’s modules and work flow progresses. The OMNI portal page is currently being redesigned to include a communication component. The new message board feature will allow the University to post notable updates and other valuable announcements in a timely manner. Please watch for the ERP Council’s progress reports as they will be posted on the newly redesigned OMNI portal.


Lawrence Abele and John Carnaghi