Moving or Backing Up Local UPK Files

Moving or Backing Up Local UPK Files

Stored topics that aren’t published are saved in the UPK Library on the computer where it was created. If you want to share your topics with another UPK developer, if you’re getting a new computer and don’t want to lose your work, or if you just want a backup of the files, the easiest method is to export your UPK modules/sections/topics.

Follow these steps to extract UPK content:

  1. Open the module you want to share or backup. Tip: You can backup all or part of your Library using the export command. Select the root folder in Details View of the Library to export and backup your entire Library.
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select Export>Documents.
  3. Browse to select a location for the exported file. It’s recommended that you choose a network folder because those files are backed up by OTI servers. Files stored on your C drive are not backed up.
  4. Choose Export my selection and related documents. (You can click “View related documents” to see what UPK considers related documents.)
  5. Click Export.

This process creates an .oardc file, which can be zipped and emailed to others or imported back into UPK through the Tools menu, as needed.


Importing Content Into UPK

Content created in UPK can be imported into any machine with the program installed. You may want to use this function to transfer partially created content to other, more convenient, computers and content development.

Follow these steps to import UPK content:

  1. Open the UPK Library.
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select Import>Documents.
  3. Browse to select the ".odarc" file.
  4. In the "Import content to" field, browse to select an import location within UPK's Library.
  5. Click Import.